How Do I Sell A House Without an Inspection

When selling a home, an inspection is the conventional way to let your buyers know exactly what they will be getting. A home inspection reveals minor or major problems your home has and makes the process more transparent. Inspections are either done by an expert or the buyers themselves. However, can you sell your house without getting one?

One way of doing this is by selling your home ”as is”. Selling ”as is” means the new owners agree to purchase the house while fully accepting its present condition and without checks. While this imposes a certain degree of risk especially for inexperienced home owners, it also allows more room for improvement down the road. In this case, you should state upfront you are selling your home ”as is” as to avoid any problems or miscommunication.

Another way of attracting potential buyers is by lowering the price. If you know your house needs serious repairs that would cost thousands, make sure the price tag reflects that. A low price will have more appeal to people looking for a bargain or those on a budget, regardless if repairs are needed.  Plus, you might be able to sell your house without a home inspection.

Keep in mind that regardless whether you choose to sell without an inspection, it is recommended that you mention all the major defects your home has. While you won’t be forced to mention every stained spot, you should let your potential buyers know if there is any risk of flooding or the house caving in.

Another option to sell your house without drawing much attention to its defects is finding a cash buyer.  This is done by having a real estate investor inspect your house and offer on it based on its current condition.  A fast cash sale is free of hassle, and offers will be a reflection of the as-is condition and may not compare to a fully repaird home at market value. If you can’t afford spending money on repairs or time on a home inspection, this option allows you to sell your property fast.  You will also be able to avoid paying more taxes and bills while waiting for your home to sell the conventional way.

Selling your home to an investor simplifies the process as you will not have to deal with financing, a home inspection, or repairs.  In some cases, the deal can be closed in only 1-3 weeks. Furthermore, a homeowner can choose how to get paid as the options are flexible: cash, certified funds, or carrying the mortgage to supplement their income.

While a fast cash sale has its benefits, remember to protect yourself by doing the necessary research.  Keep in mind that an investor is not likely to offer a market value price, even if your home is in perfect condition.  A cash buyer usually buys a home with the intention of reselling it, so they have few incentives to offer a fair price that would conclude a FAST SALE.  Also, be wary of scammers posing as investors.

Before accepting the offer and going through with the sale, do your own research to find out what your home is really worth.  Not only this will make you less susceptible to being deceived, it will also help you gain knowledge of the market and how it works.

In the end, there are several ways in which you can avoid a home inspection and sell your home fast. Take an objective look at your budget, your home’s conditions and time available to make the best decision.