Conquering Clutter in Your Home Before Becoming a Hoarder

If your home is packed with possessions that only hold sentimental value and have no practical use anymore, it might be time to mentally prepare for a decluttering session. While you are probably not a hoarder just yet, as this is a real disorder, conquering clutter before it gets out of hand could help improve the appearance of your home but also put your mind at ease.

First of all, decide whether you can do it all by yourself or need some help. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done, involve your family or friends and see if they are willing to give you a hand. Getting help with cleaning doesn’t only mean you will finish faster but also makes the task more enjoyable. If you know someone who is organized, don’t be afraid to ask as most people will be happy to give you a helping hand.

Getting started is the hardest thing to do, so begin slow instead of just getting rid of everything at once. Take the time to differentiate between the things worth keeping and the ones you won’t need anymore. While this might be difficult, a rule of thumb would be throwing everything you haven’t used in the past 6 months. Go through a small area each day in order to feel less stressed about losing your possessions and give yourself time to adapt. Avoid going through the same items over and over as this only delays the process and leaves you feeling undecided. Instead, make a decision on the spot whether to keep a particular item or not. By doing this you will also save precious time you could spend on a fun activity.

If you own extensive collections of books or memorabilia you don’t need anymore, put the most important ones on display and donate the rest. Perhaps you are still undecided about which ones to keep, so place them in a box and give yourself a 6 month period to decide. Ask yourself what would be the best place for a particular item and whether you really plan on using it soon. Items that need fixing specifically fall into this category, and you might realize there is no need to keep those broken Christmas decorations you haven’t used in 3 years.

The basement is usually the most packed area of a home, and possibly the best place to start with when decluttering. Here you will find possessions you haven’t used in years that are most likely easier to part with. By cleaning this area first you will get more storage space for the items you do need, while also getting more organized. However, if you truly don’t know where to start, set off by filling a trash bag in the area you are in.

When going through your closet, get rid of the clothes that don’t fit anymore and the ones you never wore. No matter how nice an item looks, work with the situation at hand rather than convincing yourself you will lose those extra pounds. In order to make things more fun, host a cleaning party where your friends can pick out the outfits you don’t wear anymore.

Along with that, toss the items that are not relevant to your life right now. If you always wanted to become a vegan or take up knitting but never got around to, chances are you won’t start right now. Focus on the hobbies you do have now and only keep material that relates to those.

Perhaps you have many objects that are in good condition like books, clothes and appliances. A good idea is donating or consigning those, which also allows you to get some money back for the object.

Whether you are moving out or not, an organized home will leave you feeling happier and more at peace, so consider making decluttering a part of your regular routine.